Best Website Design, Digital Marketing, ERP Software

Web design, SEO, ERP Software Services

  • Logo, business cards, brochures, flyers
  • Graphic Charter website
  • photo editing (Photoshop)
  • video presentation of design, advertising, teaser
  • Website Redesign
  • wordpress theme creation for
  • Responsive Design

Having a website want quality and optimized content and its structure change to achieve good results since the level of competition is high.

SEO service for Live Websites

For good positioning on search engines mainly on Google and keep stable results for your landing page forms or contact us form leads, we offer a premium SEO servies in delhi build a network of links to your site on the web. this work is hard and must be continuous: Google constantly monitors the update of websites and regularly updates its algorithms, which can change the positions of sites that do not take into account these changes.

We offer a regular supply of SEO that will go beyond the preliminary work carried out during the creation of your website to ensure the best possible positioning in duration.


Creating a website is one thing. The integrated appropriately within the IT environment of the company is another. And in About ERP we believe this integration is highly structural and require special attention:

  • how currently your website is operating sales, sales administration, production, logistics?
  • Is this mode compatible with the functioning of my online sales system?
  • how to define the articulation of this set of general and detailed?
  • technically, that can do just my ERP?

At About ERP we develop truly integrated e-commerce sites to IT customers.

If the ERP account for the bulk of integration issues, it must also reckon with the CRM, PIM, and any other system.

Our references in ERP connected:

  • WISE ERP System
  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Navision)
  • Generix
  • Jeeves
  • XL POS
  • Datamag (Aurea Group)
  • Evolubat
  • Eloi V5
  • Eloi V6

Best Website Design, Digital Marketing, ERP Software